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Ryan Burke is Canadian, his parents and extended family are Australian and he lives in America pursuing a career in entertainment. His eclectic background is reflected in his career. Having worked in both Canada and the US as an actor, producer, and stuntman he is now working in VO and Audiobooks. During his years of study abroad he has earned both a BFA from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and an MBA from Argosy University. Ryan is an award-winning producer, and actor and is a current top seller for Audiobooks. You can find his titles by simply browsing his name on Audible.


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Tess is a coffee-loving, vintage clothing-obsessed, camping fanatic who hails from the mountains of Alaska. She’s trained at several independent studios around Los Angeles and has put that training to use in various film and theater productions around Southern California. She loves living in L.A. but looks forward to the end of the pandemic when she can travel back home and spend a few days in the freedom of the forest; collecting blueberries, hiking through the trees, and collecting wood for an evening playing cribbage with a beer next to the fire.


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